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What is the ViaPass?

The ViaPass is specially designed for our most loyal riders, making ViaVan more affordable than ever. By paying just 18€ upfront, you unlock 4 free rides per day for a whole week!

To purchase a ViaPass, just head to the ViaPass section of the app menu.

Some things to remember:

-The ViaPass is activated when you take your first ride.

-Additional fees apply for +1s (additional passengers).

-Cancellations are charged at 1€ and No Shows are charged at 1.50€ each.

-Free rides are limited to 4 per day.

-ViaPasses purchased in Espoo cannot be used in other ViaVan cities.

-The ViaPass is valid for 7 calendar days from time of purchase. Please refer to this article to understand more about when and where ViaVan operates.

-Ride credit cannot be used towards the purchase of a ViaPass.

How do I book a ride?

Download our free app (available on iPhone and Android), sign up for ViaVan, and book a ride in three super-easy steps:

STEP 1: Move the map until the blue marker is at your desired pick-up location and press "Set Pickup." You can also manually type your address in the search bar and select the correct one from the drop down.

STEP 2: Move the map until the orange marker is at your desired drop-off location and press "Set Dropoff." You can also manually type your address in the search bar and select the correct one from the drop down. ViaVan will check for available vehicles and connect you with the best vehicle for your ride.

STEP 3: Review the ride offer in the proposal screen (you may receive several proposals with different ETAs and different ride options). Select the one that works best for you and press "Book This Ride." All the details, including exact pick up location (remember it may not be where you booked) and information on the car picking you up, will then be displayed.

Sweet! You’ve just booked a ViaVan ride.

How do I book a ride for multiple people?

Our app currently supports booking a ride for up to 4 people in Espoo. When booking in the ViaVan app, tap the - or + buttons next to the pick up to indicate how many people are with you (e.g. if traveling with two friends, choose "+3").

You can read more about pricing for extra riders here.

(Note: our app does not currently support different drop-offs for riders traveling together, so just make sure you're all going to the same place!)

Where do I wait for my ViaVan?

After you book a ride, the app will display the pick-up location where the vehicle will meet you.

As we are a corner-to-corner service, your actual pick-up spot may differ from where you asked to be picked up. It’s usually the corner closest to the pick-up location you requested, but you may be asked to walk a few blocks. Sometimes, the app will give you the address or business name at your pick-up spot to help you find it. Either way, the exact pick up location will always be displayed in the app.

Make sure you’re at the pick-up spot when the vehicle arrives! The app will count down the minutes to your vehicle’s arrival, and we’ll send you a text when the vehicle is two minutes away and again when it arrives. For assistance, you can reply to that text and our Live Support team will help out. Additionally, you can contact the driver partner at any time directly through the app by pressing the small green phone icon located on the right, at the bottom of the screen.

Remember: ViaVan is a community, and you’re sharing your ride with other members. Keeping them waiting results in stink-eyes, and if you’re more than a minute or two late, the vehicle will just have to leave. It hurts, but it’s the only way we can move everyone so quickly at such an incredible price.

Want to track your vehicle while you wait? In the app, zoom out from your pick-up spot or click the small compass icon in the bottom right, and you’ll be able to follow the vehicle on the map as it approaches.

How do I know when my ViaVan will arrive?

After you set your Pickup and Drop-off in the app, we'll give you an estimated time until your ViaVan arrives. When your car is 2 minutes away, we'll send you a text message to let you know that your ride is getting close. When your car arrives, we'll send you another text to let you know!

What do ViaVan vehicles look like?

All ViaVan driver partners in Espoo will be driving a Volkswagen Caravelle. The best way to identify your ViaVan is by checking the license plate number displayed in your app and in the text messages you receive from us.

Just check to make sure the license plate number matches and you're all set to board!

How do I know which car is mine?

When you book your ViaVan, we'll list the information about the car coming to pick you up directly in the ride screen. This will include the license plate number as well as the type of car.

When the ViaVan is approaching, we'll send you a quick reminder text with this information (as well as the pick up spot). Once the vehicle has arrived, you'll receive another text and a "Your ViaVan is here" notice in your app

Can I request a specific time for my pickup?

Currently, we do not accept any pre-scheduled ride requests. ViaVan operates on-demand only. Just book a ride a few minutes before you need to leave, and we’ll connect you with a vehicle in real-time.

How do I cancel a ride?

You can cancel a ride directly in your app with the "Cancel" button!

Our policy is that for any rides cancelled more than 1 minute after booking, ViaVan reserves the right to charge a 1€ cancellation fee. This is due to the fact that, as soon as a request enters the system, the car assigned will be rerouted to accommodate the pick up, so it can end up adding a slight detour to not just the driver but also the existing passengers in the vehicle. However, if a cancellation occurs because the current ETA is more than 5 minutes greater than the original ETA that was quoted at the time of booking, the system will automatically waive the cancellation fee as we understand that in these situations our members need to be able to make the most informed decision about their ride. We are also happy to waive the cancellation fee in the event of an emergency or an unforeseen situation.

How much does a ride cost?

Our pricing in Espoo is outlined below:


Other fees may apply:

• Any +1s in your party will be an additional 1€.

• Cancellations are charged a 1€ fee.

• No Shows are charged a 1.50€ fee.

You’ll always see the guaranteed flat rate for your ride in your app before you book. Just tap the info button to see the full price breakdown if needed!

How do I pay for a ride?

The best way to pay for ViaVan is to buy Ride Credit in the app. Before you ride, head to the app "Menu" and "Ride Credit," and select how much you'd like to buy. Each time you take a ride, we'll simply deduct the cost of your ride from your remaining credit. If you have less credit remaining than a full ride fare, we'll deduct any remaining credit and charge the rest of the fare directly to your card on file. You can also enable our auto-refill feature and ensure your credit is topped up when you're running low! Simply move the toggle at the bottom of the "Ride Credit" page in the app to the ON position. Each time your balance falls below 1€0, this authorizes the automatic purchase of Ride Credit in the amount of your most recent Ride Credit purchase. 

Why did I get charged a No Show fee?

ViaVan is a shared service, so to keep things fair to the members already on board, our driver partners will wait about 1 minute for each rider. At that point, we'll try to get in touch with you, but if after a minute you're not at the car, we'll have to move on and you may be charged a 1.50€ fee.

You can see your pickup location in the ViaVan app. You can also send a quick SMS to our Live Support Team by replying to the text message we sent you about your vehicle's arrival.

We'll do our best to get you on board!


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