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How do I get the ViaVan app?

The ViaVan app is currently available for iPhone and Android devices. You can download the app here for iPhone and here for Android.

How do I create a ViaVan account?

If this is your first time using the app, you'll need to press "Sign Me Up" and create an account before you can log in and book a ride.

Step One: Click on the "Sign Me Up" button in the home screen of the app.

Step Two: Enter the requested information on the first page of this screen. You can even add a photo if you like!

Step Three: Click Next to move to the second page. Input your credit card number, followed by the expiration date, the security code, and the billing zip code. If you were referred by a friend, you can enter their personal promo code into the "Promo code" box.

Once all of this is completed, press "Join" and you’ll be ready to ride!

Why does ViaVan need my credit card?

When you sign up for ViaVan, we ask you for a credit card or debit card. You can use any credit/debit card to pay for ViaVan. Each time you take a ride or purchase Ride Credit, payment is simple and seamless – we automatically charge your card on file. Never worry about cash, we’ve got you covered.

The best way to pay for ViaVan is to buy Ride Credit in the app. Before you ride, go to the Menu screen in your app, choose "Ride Credit," and select how much you'd like to buy. Each time you take a ride, we'll simply deduct the cost of your ride from your remaining credit. If you ever run low on credit, we will deduct any remaining credit and charge the card on file directly for the remainder of your ride.

Please note, we do not accept pre-paid debit cards.

How do referrals work at ViaVan?

We get it, you’ve become addicted to our sweet, affordable rides and you can’t wait to shout it from the rooftop for all to hear! Head to the app "Menu" and select "Free Rides." You can also access this page with the small gift box icon on the top right of your main booking screen.

From here, you can find your personal promo code and share it directly with friends via text message, email, and social media.

For every friend who signs up with your personal promo code and completes their first ride, you will receive £5 of sweet ViaVan Ride Credit.* It’s our way of saying thanks for spreading the ViaVan love!

A maximum of £1 can be used per ride. If your ride costs more than that, we’ll deduct the £1 from your Ride Credit and charge the remainder to your credit card or purchased Credit on file.

*Up to a maximum of £150 of Ride Credit per ViaVan account. ViaVan reserves the right to expire referral Ride Credit at its discretion. 

**Terms of Use: The intended purpose of ViaVan referral codes is to be shared with friends, family, and on personal social media networks only with individuals known personally to the referring rider. Posting referral codes on commercial websites or coupon aggregator websites, including (but not limited to) RetailMeNot, Born to Coupon and CouponMate is strictly prohibited and will result in referral credit being revoked at ViaVan's discretion, and ViaVan reserves the right to charge individuals for any rides paid for with referral credit obtained through the creation of new accounts created by that same individual. Using a ViaVan referral code to refer new accounts created by one same individual is also strictly prohibited and will also result in referral credit being revoked at ViaVan's discretion. ViaVan reserves the right to prevent referrals from being completed, and to revoke any referral credit obtained, when the ViaVan system determines that accounts are likely to have been created by the same individual (e.g. if the system identifies certain overlapping data/information between the accounts). In addition, ViaVan reserves the right to revoke any referral credit likely to have been obtained for referrals of fraudulent accounts (including accounts set up with false personal or payment information), as determined by the ViaVan system. ViaVan reserves the right to change any codes which it determines have been compromised and remove individuals from its referral program at its discretion.

I haven't taken ViaVan yet - why was I charged?

When you create a ViaVan account, we need to confirm your credit or debit card is valid, so you may see a £1 pre-authorization charge on your card. That charge is immediately voided, so don’t worry, you are never actually charged, and the £1 is never deducted from your account!

If this is the first time you are booking with a new card you may see an authorization in the amount of your requested ride. Rest assured, if you opted not to book the ride this hold will be removed from your account in 3-7 business days depending on your bank or credit card company's processing times.


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