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Can I ride with my pet?

Licensed Assistance Dogs are welcome to ride in ViaVans without restrictions. Other dogs and cats must be in an airline-approved carrier in order to ride with ViaVan.

The Four Rules of ViaVan

Since ViaVan is a shared service we ask all members to obey our Four Simple Rules.


Be ready and waiting
Get to your pickup corner before your ViaVan arrives.

Avoid phone calls
Limit phone calls to emergencies or quick logistics during shared rides.

Don't eat or drink
Help us keep the ViaVans clean.

Be Considerate
Treat your fellow members and drivers with respect.


Can my child ride with ViaVan?

Children are welcome in ViaVan! We strongly encourage all parents to bring a car seat or booster seat where appropriate or requires. Please note that all children, regardless of age, must be marked as an additional passenger when booking your ride. This requirement is due to vehicle capacity restrictions based on number of passengers.

Please note, each rider must be at least 16 years old to ride alone in a ViaVan.

Can I smoke or use an electronic cigarette in my ViaVan?

Smoking of any kind is prohibited in your ViaVan. This includes e-cigarettes, vaporizers, or "smokeless" cigarettes.


Can I eat in the ViaVan?

We know that you are guys and gals on the go, but please help us keep our ViaVans clean and fresh and avoid bringing food and drink in our cars.  

If spills occur, we'll have to charge you a cleaning fee.

Can ViaVan deliver a package for me?

ViaVan driver partners are not able to transport any unaccompanied packages for our members. We'll need you to accompany any packages, luggage or belongings that want to take a joy ride in a ViaVan!


I was charged a cleaning/damage fee - what is this?

Our driver partners work hard to maintain their vehicles and take pride in their upkeep and cleanliness. In the event that the interior or exterior of the vehicle is damaged or dirtied as a result of intentional or negligent acts such as aggressive slamming of doors, vomiting, or pet accidents, a fee may be assessed and charged when applicable.

The exact amount charged will depend on the extent of the damage up to £195. ViaVan will always notify members when such a charge is necessary.

Can I use my phone while in a ViaVan?

While we at ViaVan love you and can’t believe your mom (or boss, or roomie, or whoever) did that crazy thing either, please remember your fellow riders might not be as interested in your phone conversations. Please be considerate of other members in your ViaVan and limit phone calls to quick logistics and emergencies during shared rides.

If you need to make a longer
phone call, we suggest booking a private ride when available.

Can I bring luggage/personal items in my ViaVan?

Your ViaVan is a shared space, and as such we ask everyone to limit any personal items to a single piece of luggage or a reasonably sized bag.  Think of it this way - if the passenger who showed up before you had the same sized item and the car was at full capacity, would your item fit as well? If the answer is no, then we can't guarantee we'll be able to take you and your bag on board. If you require guaranteed luggage space, we suggest booking a private ride.

Via Tax Strategy

The following documents Via Transportation UK Ltd’s (“ViaVan UK’s”) strategy and approach in the UK.  Publication of this strategy statement is regarded as satisfying the UK statutory obligation under Para 22(2), Schedule 19, Finance Act 2016.  This applies for the financial year ended 31 December 2019.

Approach to UK tax risk management and governance arrangements

ViaVan UK is committed to complying with applicable tax law and regulations in the UK.  ViaVan UK is liable to a broad range of UK taxes including corporation tax, VAT, PAYE and National Insurance Contributions. ViaVan UK is committed to compliance with UK tax law, regulation and disclosure requirements by ensuring the following:

-Filing complete and accurate returns on a timely basis,
-Paying the right amount of tax at the right time,
-Disclosing all relevant facts and circumstances to HM Revenue & Customs (“HMRC”)

The Directors of ViaVan UK have ultimate responsibility for the UK tax strategy.  The Chief Executive Officer of ViaVan Technologies B.V. (the “ViaVan Group”) is ultimately responsible for ViaVan UK’s overall tax risks, while the day-to-day management of tax risks is a collaborative effort involving individuals from legal, finance and tax functions within the ViaVan Group.  

There may be instances where we face uncertainty as to the interpretation and application of certain tax laws.  In these cases, we seek appropriate external tax advice with respect to the interpretation of the tax law and regulations.

Attitude towards tax planning

ViaVan UK complies with all tax rules and regulations and where appropriate engages in tax planning that is aligned with its commercial business activities.  ViaVan UK carries out related party transactions following the arm’s length standard and aligns with ViaVan UK’s commercial business activities in the UK.  As part of our overall Finance and Tax responsibilities, we work with our business and operations teams to ensure the appropriate tax analysis and considerations are undertaken for relevant business decisions.   Additionally, any tax planning undertaken in the UK is done so with specific regard to the potential impact on ViaVan UK’s reputation and broader goals and, where appropriate, external tax advice is taken.

Level of tax risk that we are prepared to accept

ViaVan UK takes a responsible approach to managing its tax affairs and strives to be compliant with all UK tax laws and regulations.  Our tax positions in the UK reflect the business activities undertaken in the UK.  We are not prescriptive in terms of the levels of acceptable risk, however, we comply with legal requirements in a manner that ensures we pay the required amount of tax.  

Approach to dealing with HMRC

ViaVan UK is committed to acting with integrity and transparency with all tax authorities, including HMRC.  ViaVan UK seeks to have a professional and constructive relationship with HMRC.  We file timely and accurate tax returns, and we respond openly and promptly to any questions that may be raised by HMRC in relation to the tax returns.  In situations in which a disagreement may arise, we look to work collaboratively with HMRC to resolve issues where possible.

Can I book the entire ViaVan to myself?

At ViaVan we're all about sharing!

By booking a ride with us, you accept that you are willing and able to share your ride with other passengers. Booking a ride for additional passengers who are not accompanying you on a ride is a definite no-no.

If you wish to ride by yourself, please book a private ride.

Zero Tolerance Policy

ViaVan has a strict Zero Tolerance policy. We do not tolerate the use of drugs or alcohol by drivers on the ViaVan service platform nor do we tolerate inappropriate behavior by drivers towards passengers. If you believe that your driver may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, if your driver is behaving in a manner that you consider inappropriate or that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, or if your driver engages in conduct which could be considered unlawful or illegal, please ask the driver to terminate the trip immediately. If you feel that you are in imminent danger, please contact the police directly by calling 112. After the ride has concluded, please provide feedback using the ViaVan app, reply to the text message confirmation of your ride, or email us here to report the issue.

Are weapons prohibited in my ViaVan?

ViaVan has a strict "No Weapons" policy. This means that if any driver partner or member possesses a weapon in a ViaVan (including a firearm, a knife or another type of weapon), regardless of whether possession of such a weapon is legal or whether they have a lawful permit for that weapon, they will be removed from the service.

Help us make our shared community safer for all members and driver partners by refraining from bringing weapons of any kind when you ride with ViaVan.

ViaVan reserves sole judgment on what constitutes a "weapon." If you observed a weapon in a ViaVan
, please contact us here immediately.

Anti-Discrimination Policy

ViaVan does not tolerate discrimination of any kind against members or our driver partners on the basis of race, national origin, religion, gender, physical or mental disability, age, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Additionally, ViaVan does not tolerate discrimination of any kind against service animals. Members or driver partners who violate ViaVan’s anti-discrimination policies may lose access to the ViaVan platform. If you believe that you have been subject to discrimination by a ViaVan member or driver partner, please provide feedback in the review function of the ViaVan App, reply to the text message confirmation of your ride, or email us here.


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