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What is ViaVan?

ViaVan is an on-demand transit system that takes multiple passengers heading in the same direction and books them into a shared vehicle. Think of ViaVan as a bus that’s smart enough to come when you want it and where you want it.

Using our app for iPhone or Android, you can select your pick up and drop off, and we’ll do the rest. As we are a corner-to-corner service, we’ll pick you up at a nearby corner and then drop you off within a couple blocks of your requested destination. This helps us ensure that even with multiple pick ups, trip times are comparable to a taxi.

Note: ViaVan also offers a Private ride option when available.

When and where does ViaVan operate?

ViaVan currently operates 24/7 in Amsterdam, in the service area outlined on the map below.


Who is driving my ViaVan?

You are our most precious cargo, and we take safety very seriously. When you book a ride, we connect you with a vehicle operated by a trained and experienced driver who is covered by the required insurance. All driver partners undergo thorough criminal background checks before driving on the ViaVan platform.

But the necessary insurance and licensing are no-brainers. We expect more! We want all ViaVan vehicle drivers to be downright amazing, so don’t forget to leave feedback for your driver after each ride – you’ll help us make sure only the best drivers get to drive for ViaVan.

What platform(s) is the ViaVan app available on?

ViaVan’s app is available for both iPhone and Android. It’s free to download, so get riding today!


How many people will I share with?

The number of passengers you will share a ride with varies depending on who’s headed in the same direction at the same time and the make and model of the ViaVan picking you up!

Note: ViaVan also offers a private ride option when available.

How do Vouchers work?

ViaVan riders can now purchase Vouchers through iDeal to pay for their ViaVan rides.

To purchase a Voucher, visit From here, you can purchase a Voucher securely through iDeal.

After purchase, a code will be displayed and a confirmation email with the code is sent to the email address you entered on the purchase page. If you do not receive an email, the payment has failed and you will not be charged.

Once you’ve received your code, you can then select “Voucher” as your payment method and enter the code. Once the code has been submitted, the account will be set up with the credit purchased from the Voucher.

At this time, it is not possible to use a Voucher for a Business account.

Please note: Vouchers purchased from are only good for use in the ViaVan service zone within Amsterdam. Vouchers purchased from will expire one year after purchase.

How do I get the ViaVan app?

The ViaVan app is currently available for iPhone and Android devices. You can download the app here for iPhone and here for Android.

How do I create a ViaVan account?

If this is your first time using the app, you'll need to press "Sign Me Up" and create an account before you can log in and book a ride.

Step One: Click on the "Sign Me Up" button in the home screen of the app.

Step Two: Enter the requested information on the first page of this screen. You can even add a photo if you like!

Step Three: Click “Next” to move to the second page. Here, you will be prompted to enter your payment details. ViaVan accepts payment by credit card, Google Pay, PayPal and Voucher (iDeal)*. If you were referred by a friend, you can enter their personal promo code into the "Promo code" box.

*To set up your payment method by Voucher (iDeal), you can purchase a ViaVan credit voucher and pay with iDeal at After successfully completing purchase, you will be displayed a code and you will also be sent a confirmation email with the code.

When you select “Voucher” as your payment method in the ViaVan app, you will be prompted to enter the code that you received after completing purchase. Please note, if you do not receive a confirmation email, the purchase has failed and you were not charged.

Once all of this is completed, press "Join" and you’ll be ready to ride!

Do I need a credit card to ride with ViaVan?

If you do not have a credit card, no worries! ViaVan offers the following ways that you can pay for rides**:

Credit/Debit Card
Google Pay
Voucher (iDeal)*

When you sign up for ViaVan, we will ask you to select one of these payment methods in order to register. You can use any credit/debit card to pay for ViaVan. Each time you take a ride or purchase Ride Credit, payment is simple and seamless – we automatically charge your card on file. Never worry about cash, we’ve got you covered.

The best way to pay for ViaVan is to buy Ride Credit in the app. Before you ride, go to the Menu screen in your app, choose "Ride Credit," and select how much you'd like to buy. Each time you take a ride, we'll simply deduct the cost of your ride from your remaining credit. If you ever run low on credit, we will deduct any remaining credit and charge the card on file directly for the remainder of your ride.

Please note, we do not accept pre-paid debit cards.

*To set up your payment method by Voucher (iDeal), you can purchase a ViaVan credit voucher and pay with iDeal at After successfully completing purchase, you will be displayed a code and you will also be sent a confirmation email with the code.

When you select “Voucher” as your payment method in the ViaVan app, you will be prompted to enter the code that you received after completing purchase. Please note, if you do not receive a confirmation email, the purchase has failed and you were not charged.

**Payment by Google Pay, Paypal and Voucher (iDeal) is available on app version 3.3 and up.

How do referrals work at ViaVan?

We get it, you’ve become addicted to our sweet, affordable rides and you can’t wait to shout it from the rooftop for all to hear! Head to the app "Menu" and select "Free Rides." You can also access this page with the small gift box icon on the top right of your main booking screen.

From here you can learn your personal promo code and share it directly with friends via text message, email, and social media.

For every friend who signs up with your personal promo code and completes their first ride, you will receive €5 of sweet ViaVan Credit.* It’s our way of saying thanks for spreading the ViaVan love!

*Up to a maximum of €150 of Ride Credit per ViaVan account. ViaVan reserves the right to expire referral Ride Credit at its discretion.

**Terms of Use: The intended purpose of ViaVan referral codes is to be shared with friends, family, and on personal social media networks only with individuals known personally to the referring rider. Posting referral codes on commercial websites or coupon aggregator websites, including (but not limited to) RetailMeNot, Born to Coupon and CouponMate is strictly prohibited and will result in referral credit being revoked at ViaVan’s discretion, and ViaVan reserves the right to charge individuals for any rides paid for with referral credit obtained through the creation of new accounts created by that same individual. Using a ViaVan referral code to refer new accounts created by one same individual is also strictly prohibited and will also result in referral credit being revoked at ViaVan’s discretion. ViaVan reserves the right to prevent referrals from being completed, and to revoke any referral credit obtained, when the ViaVan system determines that accounts are likely to have been created by the same individual (e.g. if the system identifies certain overlapping data/information between the accounts). In addition, ViaVan reserves the right to revoke any referral credit likely to have been obtained for referrals of fraudulent accounts (including accounts set up with false personal or payment information), as determined by the ViaVan system. ViaVan reserves the right to change any codes which it determines have been compromised and remove individuals from its referral program at its discretion.

ViaVan referral credit is granted for use in ViaVan’s operating zone at the time the credit is granted. As ViaVan’s operating zone changes, ViaVan reserves the right to change the way in which ViaVan credit may be used. ViaVan reserves the right to allow existing credit to apply to areas outside of its current operating zone subject to any conditions and restrictions it may impose in its sole discretion. ViaVan reserves the right to control the amount of credit that a rider is permitted to use on any individual ride. All referral credit has an expiry date of 30 days. This means that ViaVan has the right to revoke any referral credit that has not been used more than 30 days. Starting on 1st January 2019, a maximum amount of €5 per ride may be redeemed from referral credit.

I haven't taken a ViaVan ride yet - why was I charged?

When you create a ViaVan account, we need to confirm your credit or debit card is valid, so you may see a €1 pre-authorization charge on your card. That charge is immediately voided, so don’t worry, you are never actually charged, and the €1 is never deducted from your account!

If this is the first time you are booking with a new card you may see an authorization in the amount of your requested ride. Rest assured, if you opted not to book the ride this hold will be removed from your account in 3-7 business days depending on your bank or credit card company's processing times.

What is the ViaPass?

The ViaPass is specially designed for our most loyal commuters and makes ViaVan more affordable than ever. How it works: Pay upfront and unlock free/discounted rides for a set period of time. Here's the breakdown on different ViaPass options:

Standard ViaPasses and Bundles

Core Bundle
Pay €49 upfront
Unlock 10 shared rides over 4 weeks in our Core Zone
Max discount of €7 per ride

Anywhere Bundle
Pay €69 upfront
Unlock 10 shared rides over 4 weeks anywhere across Amsterdam
Max discount of €10 per ride.

Houthavens ViaPass
Pay €119 upfront
Unlock 2 free shared rides every weekday over 4 weeks between Houthavens and the rest of our zone
Max discount €5 per ride.

Some things to remember:

• Additional fees apply for +1s (additional passengers).
• Finish all 10 rides before the 28-day period is up? Not to worry! Your Bundle can be repurchased once the rides are used, even within the 28-day period.


Tourist Bundle

Looking for a smart, easy and affordable way to get around the city during your visit? You’ve come to the right place!
On-demand shared rides available anytime, anywhere are just a tap away. Whether you need to get to and from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport or you want to check out top landmarks like the Rijksmuseum, the Anne Frank House and Dam Square, ViaVan's got you covered.
The Tourist Bundle is designed to be your handy, hassle-free Amsterdam travel partner.
€35 ViaPass includes
- 4 shared rides in our Core Zone
- 1 shared ride to or from Schiphol Airport
Some things to remember: 
• The ViaPass is activated when you take your first ride and valid for a total of 3 days
• Additional fees apply for +1s (additional passengers)
• Cancellations and No Shows are charged at €3 each
• Amsterdam Core Zone refers to the area within the A10 and south of the IJ 

*Terms & Conditions: The ViaPass is a tool that allows you to reduce the overall fares owed to drivers and collected by ViaVan on their behalf. If you change your mind at any time prior to booking any free or discounted rides, you can obtain a refund for the ViaPass by contacting The ViaPass is activated at the time you take your first ride, not at time of purchase, except upon the auto-renewal of a ViaPass, in which case activation of the new ViaPass will occur at the time of the expiration of the previously purchased ViaPass. Each ViaPass expires at the end of the stated validity period, to the minute of the activation time. The ViaPass will automatically renew upon expiration, unless you opt out of the auto-renewal. Each individually purchased ViaPass is limited to a single user, account and device (i.e., multiple people cannot share a single ViaPass). ViaPass holders are prohibited from booking a ride on behalf of another person or party, and must be present in all bookings made with their ViaPass. ViaVan reserves the right to deactivate any ViaPass it determines to be used in violation of these terms, with immediate effect, and without refunds. A ViaPass holder may book rides for his or her +1's, though additional fees apply. The ViaPass cannot be combined with other offers or promotions. Charges for cancellations and no-show fees will apply. Available for a limited time, while supplies last; ViaVan reserves the right to cancel this offer or modify its terms at any time. ViaVan does not guarantee the availability of rides.

Amsterdam Airport Service

ViaVan services trips to and from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

Your fare will be based on how far you go, when you ride, and the number of +1s in your party. Most importantly, you’ll always see a guaranteed, low price for your ride – just check your app before you book.

Note: Rides from Schiphol airport are subject to a €2.50 fee levied by the airport. There are no additional costs for +1s on Private ridesViaPass discounts may apply. 

ViaVan Airport Tips:

  • Security lines can be brutal: Be sure to leave plenty of travel time and factor in time for check-in and security.
  • Moving to Aruba with all your worldly possessions? Don’t forget baggage space is also shared in your ViaVan. If you have a large number of items, we suggest booking a Private ride.
  • The pick up point at the airport is at departures just outside the terminal in front of Exit B, on the closest lane to the terminal. Check your app to see the exact spot!
  • Still having a tough time finding your ViaVan? No sweat! When you book from the airport you’ll get a text with your driver’s number so you can call to coordinate.

How do I book a ride?

Download our free app (available on iPhone and Android), sign up for ViaVan, and book a ride in three super-easy steps:

STEP 1: Move the map until the blue marker is at your desired pick-up location and press "Set Pickup." You can also manually type your address in the search bar and select the correct one from the drop down.

STEP 2: Move the map until the orange marker is at your desired drop-off location and press "Set Dropoff." You can also manually type your address in the search bar and select the correct one from the drop down. ViaVan will check for available vehicles and connect you with the best vehicle for your ride.

STEP 3: Review the ride offer in the proposal screen (you may receive several proposals with different ETAs and different ride options). Select the one that works best for you and press "Book This Ride." All the details, including exact pick up location (remember it may not be where you booked) and information on the car picking you up, will then be displayed.

Sweet! You’ve just booked a ViaVan ride.

Where do I wait for my ViaVan?

After you book a ride, the app will display the pick-up location where the vehicle will meet you.

As we are a corner-to-corner service, your actual pick-up spot may differ from where you asked to be picked up. It’s usually the corner closest to the pick-up location you requested, but you may be asked to walk a few blocks. Sometimes, the app will give you the address or business name at your pick-up spot to help you find it. Either way, the exact pick up location will always be displayed in the app.

Make sure you’re at the pick-up spot when the vehicle arrives! The app will count down the minutes to your vehicle’s arrival, and we’ll send you a text when the vehicle is two minutes away and again when it arrives. For assistance, you can reply to that text and our Live Support team will help out. Additionally, you can contact the driver partner at any time directly through the app by pressing the small green phone icon located on the right, at the bottom of the screen.

Remember: ViaVan is a community, and you’re sharing your ride with other members. Keeping them waiting results in stink-eyes, and if you’re more than a minute or two late, the vehicle will just have to leave. It hurts, but it’s the only way we can move everyone so quickly at such an incredible price.

Want to track your vehicle while you wait? In the app, zoom out from your pick-up spot or click the small compass icon in the bottom right, and you’ll be able to follow the vehicle on the map as it approaches.

How do I know when my ViaVan will arrive?

After you set your pickup and dropoff in the app, we'll give you an estimated time until your ViaVan arrives. When your car is 2 minutes away, we'll send you a text message to let you know that your ride is getting close. When your car arrives, we'll send you another text to let you know!


Can I request a specific time for my pickup?

Nope. ViaVan operates on-demand only. Just book a ride a few minutes before you need to leave, and we’ll connect you with a vehicle in real-time.


My driver was great! How do I thank them?


Our driver partners are the butter to our bread. Simply put, they’re the best! If you had a great experience with a driver, please let us know by filling out the feedback screen after your ride or by leaving a tip through the app.

How do I retrieve something I left in a ViaVan?

We’ve all been there, and we feel for ya! As soon as you realize an item is missing, please let us know by e-mailing us here and we’ll put you in touch with your driver to track it down! Please note, unclaimed items will be donated after 30 days.


How do I reset my password?

When logging in, first make sure you are using the exact email address that you used to open your ViaVan account. To reset your password, first open the app and select "Log me in." In the password box, press "Forgot your password?"

On this screen enter your phone number and press "Send"

Once you receive the password by text, you can go back into the app and log in with the password we sent you. Once logged in, you can change the password to one of your liking.

Click on the "Menu" icon in the top left and then the pencil icon - this will take you to edit your profile. Click on "Edit Password"

On this screen you will enter the current password (the one from the text message), and then enter a new password of your choice - then click "Save."

If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to email us here.

I'm not receiving my temporary password!

We’re sorry for the hassle! Please email us here and we can reset your password for you manually.


I had an issue with my ride. How can I let you know?

Oh dear! We’re sorry to hear that there was a problem with your ride. Please let us know what went wrong either by filling out the feedback screen in the app after your ride or by emailing us here

Why is my place pin in the middle of the water?

We’re not quite ready to pilot ViaVan’s shared submarine service, so your map definitely shouldn’t be defaulting to a strange location. Please make sure that Location Services are enabled for the ViaVan app on your phone (Settings - Privacy - Location Services), and that should bring you back to dry land STAT!


Can I ride with my pet?

Licensed service animals are welcome to ride in ViaVans without restrictions. Other dogs and cats must be in an airline-approved carrier in order to ride with ViaVan.


The Four Rules of ViaVan

Since ViaVan is a shared service we ask all members to obey our Four Simple Rules.

Be ready and waiting
Get to your pickup corner before your ViaVan arrives.

Avoid phone calls
Limit phone calls to emergencies or quick logistics during shared rides.

Don't eat or drink
Help us keep the ViaVans clean.

Be Considerate
Treat your fellow members and drivers with respect.

Can my child ride with ViaVan?

Children are welcome in ViaVan! We strongly encourage all parents to bring a car seat or booster seat where appropriate or requires. Please note that all children, regardless of age, must be marked as an additional passenger when booking your ride. This requirement is due to vehicle capacity restrictions based on number of passengers.

Please note, each rider must be at least 16 years old to ride alone in a ViaVan.

Can I smoke or use an electronic cigarette in my ViaVan?

Smoking of any kind is prohibited in your ViaVan. This includes e-cigarettes, vaporizers, or "smokeless" cigarettes.


Can I eat in my ViaVan?

We know that you are guys and gals on the go, but please help us keep our ViaVans clean and fresh and avoid bringing food and drink in our cars.  

If spills occur, we'll have to charge you a cleaning fee.

Can ViaVan deliver a package for me?

ViaVan driver partners are not able to transport any unaccompanied packages for our members. We'll need you to accompany any packages, luggage or belongings that want to take a joy ride in a ViaVan!


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